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Mars conjunct Saturn 24°49´ Libra – 15.08.2012

It´s the classic malefic aspect: both Mars and Saturn bring conflict, the evil, structure, a death-end, a focus, a fear, pressure, a forwarding event, an energy hard to bear, discipline. The conjunction was perfectly conjunct my 24°47´ Libra MC. My 26°26´Libra Uranus opposing my 26°16´ Aries Mars is strongly afflicted by this transit. I was […]

How to travel on antique Roman pathways

Start: Rome. Destination: Cordoba. Month of travel: June. Road? River? Open sea? Coastal sea? Per pedes? Horseback rider? Ox cart? Calculate route.

Occult library

Turquoise. Sahara heat.

This color makes me think of swimming in a deep lake. (Like I did yesterday.)

Emerging Pattern

You will find a kind of diary here: I collect stuff and share thoughts, images and ideas about things I find specific interest in. Mostly it is about patterns that make sense to me.  This blog is a loose structure, like your kitchen drawer content.