Saturn leaves Libra 05.10.2012

Saturn leaves Libra after around 2,5 years.

From 29.10.2009 – 07.04.2010 he visited Libra the first time, went back to Virgo and finally entered Libra 21.07.2010.

He went the first time retrograde 26.01.2011 / 17° 13 Libra and direct again 13.06.2011 / 10°26 Libra.

The second retrograde period started 07.02.2012 / 29°30 Libra, direct he was again 25.06.2012 / 22°45 Libra.

He heads into Scorpio 05.10.2012.

For me and many others this period was about relationships, negotiations, social constructs.

Forms and structures of our agreements with others changed or even ended, new ones developed.

T Saturn conj. my Pluto in Libra brought me a depression.

T Saturn opp. Chiron in Aries initiated by first touch the loss of a long-term friendship and a major fall-out with another friend.

The second touch was in context with a break-up, means heartbreak (I was the one who initiated it, but this did not make things better).

The quincunx to my  Taurus moon was not very spectacular, perhaps it made me bit more stubborn in negotiations.

While Saturn transiting MC I coordinated a bigger project that brought me into public, including a steep learning curve. And another relationship went down the hill, my initiative, too (similar reasons like the first), the very day retrograde Saturn crossed my MC.

T Saturn conj. my Uranus in Libra / opp. my Mars in Aries was a time of tests. I had to control myself and focus energies. The first time I really got an idea what this natal opposition is about. The pressure from this transit is already reducing.
As soon Saturn is in Scorpio, he perfects a square to my Venus in Aquarius. I already feel it. I am much more taken back, very serious about my inner worlds and care much more about my impulses. To care about my values is a Saturn-Venus thing. I have to decide which kind of structure my future relationships shall have, which values are most important to me, which road I want to travel to feel loved and save. (Very important question: what kind of things / actions / words make me feel loved and truly appreciated?)

The list of losses is long. But I achieved knowledge about my needs and that relationships should be balanced, should not be  one-sided all the time.

It is Equinox.

Thanks to Saturn, to Libra, to balancing the un-balanced… (me – the others; demand – reality; emotion – thought; yesterday – tomorrow; wishes – needs; and so on….)

Ready to dive down in Scorpio caves – towards the deep, towards intimacy.

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