This night I woke up …

… and remembered a dream. I visited  Scorpio´s  realms.

It was about the coming mutual reception of Saturn in Scorpio sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, lords of death and recreation and time. It felt so smooth, it was so deep and soft. The colors were almost black, but a warm black. Brownish shades, melting into deep violet.

It felt like I would be welcome. As if things would smooth out, no need to worry. The transformation would be profound, but kind.

As I woke up, I felt like wrapped in  a soft plume made of the depth of space.

I have a natal Saturn – Pluto contact.  My Saturn is 2°28 / Cancer and squares my Pluto 6°32 / Libra: this square is the harshness, the mistrust, the loneliness, the urge to control.  The coming mundane sextile between Pluto and Saturn can´t be any worser than the square I am born with, on the contrary there is a good chance I can smooth out with their help my ancient and crystallized pain…

Transiting Neptune, who is now moving retrograde 0°50 in Pisces, is trining my Saturn and quincunx to my Pluto – softening  up this everlasting tension, comforting it, touching it gently, encouraging to bid farewell to grief and sadness.

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