Monthly Archives: October 2012

Dark spaces. Grand water trine – and a full moon.

The Scorpio theme is strong these days, Sun recently passed the conjunction with Saturn and the trine with Chiron. Mercury just left Scorpio for wide Sagittarius horizons. We are coming close to Samhain, Halloween, Dia des los Muertos. The veil is getting thin between us and “the other side”. You can not descend into the […]

Poison Beauty


Twisted sun

End of October – we have sun here and heat and a blue sky. It feels weird. Twisted. It should be cloudy and rainy and 5 – 10 °C. It feels like the ground is wobbling under my feet. It feels like it is an omen to expect the unexpectable. Last night the new neighbor […]

Now it is over. T Pluto Capricorn square Pluto 6°32 Libra

Creating a vacuum means creating space for the new. I am empty now. Pluto is transiting my first house, leaving the conjunction to natal Juno, leaving the square to natal ninth house Pluto in Libra. My natal Juno in first house square Pluto is my tendency to devote myself to committed, fixed, rigid and structured […]

T Saturn square Venus 0°15 Aquarius

Just a few hours ago Saturn squared my freedom-loving Venus in Aquarius. I had some insights the last days since Saturn finally went into Scorpio, and not the kind of stuff I expected. Saturn is always about boundaries. So this transit is about my boundaries in context with love, attachment, values, money, luxury. My Venus […]