T Saturn square Venus 0°15 Aquarius

Just a few hours ago Saturn squared my freedom-loving Venus in Aquarius.

I had some insights the last days since Saturn finally went into Scorpio, and not the kind of stuff I expected.

Saturn is always about boundaries.
So this transit is about my boundaries in context with love, attachment, values, money, luxury.

My Venus gets picky. Very very picky.

I could easily afford something nice, but do not find something I like enough to give my money away for.

The same about matters of the heart. I find myself generous in matters of friendship, I like to help the ones close to me, I like to touch and to be touched and I like everything related to fondness and tenderness (and believe me, this is a new experience…).

It is all much more about closeness, intimacy and trust.
To be valued, to be precious.
To allow myself to choose – by heart and by mind.
To allow myself to be (the) one.

Unique – and of value.

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