A childhood – Saturn in Scorpio 1983-85

As I did the research for the ongoing transit of Saturn through Scorpio, I asked myself: what happened in your life the last time?

Saturn moved into Scorpio 29.11.1982, went retrograde 12.02.1983  at 4°26 Scorpio, went back into Libra and stayed finally from 28.08.1983 – 16.11.1985 in Scorpio.

I was a child, then, and it was perhaps the best time of my childhood.

We moved around Easter 1983 into the little town where my father grew up. My grandparents still lived there.

I was nine years old.

Before that we lived in a little town where I felt very miserable and sad. Few friends only, isolated, mocked by boys from the neighbourhood. I was so unhappy that I thought I would not live to another summer, just because it seemed impossible to me to endure a misery like that.

In my research I found out that transiting Pluto was  conjunct my MC / Uranus then, opposing my Mars. No wonder I felt bullied. I was so faint-hearted I ran sometimes from school bus to our home without stopping. In September 1983 the transiting Pluto had left this constellation – and Neptune went on my AC till September 1984.
School was much better there, I found nice and kind friends, loved staying at my grandparents place, our own place was much more exiting (lots of attics to explore), so everything turned to the better side for me. Family life got more relaxed. We felt at home there, there was much more space for all of us in any way.  I felt safe and protected. The memory I have about my grandmother is about being loved, the smell of lavender, fresh white sheets, tiny carrots from the garden – still covered in earth, fresh rolls with butter and honey, walks in the forest.  She taught me how to crochet and to knit. Happy times.

Saturn went opposite my Taurus moon in summer of 1985.  I remember that the process of growing up felt so slow to me. I wanted much more. I remember pistachio ice cream and piles of books. I was still shy, but not scared.

Adolescence knocked on the door, I started to confuse, Uranus moved into a conjunction with my Sun, any kind of inner peace dissolved, and that was the goodbye to two and a half years of Saturn in Scorpio.

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