A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and a natal Taurus Moon

Let´s go deeper! The total Solar Eclipse will occur 13.11.2012  in 21°57 Scorpio  at 10:12:55 GMT.

This event triggers again the dark and transforming powers of our inner, shadowy worlds. Long-evolved matters come to an end and new stories begin. (With the ongoing Neptune square retrograde Mercury the message seems to be unclear and ciphered, the inner voice is stronger than facts.  Find your truth in the abyss of non-logical thinking.)

To get ready for this huge transformation to come I am doing a systematic space clearing. I perceive residues of grief and sadness overall my place. And I like them to go and make space for some joy and contentment. All this dark and sticky energy in the edges and niches and in the air I am channeling into lots of sea salt and fresh water and flush it away.  Opening all windows. Letting lots of fresh air in. Not enough? Still some residue left? Another pass with camphor. Fresh air, again. Another pass with rose-water. And then another with a nice and sweet incense. Flowers, light and candles. Then it feels better. Otherwise – same procedure! I have done it for a few days now, it is exhausting work. Good to have a break and to notice the changes – both energetically at my place and psychologically deep inside of me.

It is a scaring decision to let the past go. The past is gone.  Replaced by void.  An idea of things to come.

The Eclipse will be exactly opposite of my fifth house Taurus moon, pushing my emotional home base. My fifth / eleventh house axis could do with some (positive) change and renewal. I am  in the process of establishing a more solid network of friends and acquaintances. For many years most of my friends lived more far than near. Now I have a few ones close in the same town. It gets easier for me to make contacts – I would like to change my social situation for the better and expand into closer and more reliable friendships. (To write this blog is an eleventh house activity, and, by the way, I am happy about the resonance! I have not expected any resonance at all.) And some healing activity on the love and romance fifth house sector would be very nice, too…  it is relieving to create space for some evolutionary experiences.

I trust my instincts to guide me into positive encounters both caring and deep, bringing healing and loving intimate contact to all persons involved.

The matters of the heart are in the hands of the goddess.

Open up and share.

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