Post-Eclipsoid – The tide is turning

A surprising amount of profound changes happened around the time of the Solar Eclipse last week. It is said that Eclipses are initial sparks to endings and beginnings, sometimes the connected events are set up very close to the Eclipse itself. This time I found the number of  prompt incidents very noticeable.

Both my life and the life of friends and colleagues were in motion, the following events occurred between the 13.11. and the 18.11.2012.

  • A colleague became very angry about a organisational matter with regard to the staff, giving a message about it to the management, setting a chain of events in motion that will have an impact on many employees. This occurred on 13th November. (TOB unknown, Solar Eclipse in 3° orb to natal Mercury)
  • A friend was asked by his boss to accept a wage cut of 20 %, otherwise he would be fired. This occurred on 13th November.  He decided to leave the company. (Solar Eclipse same degree of IC)
  • A friend got a negative answer on a offer of service that would be extremely challenging without a lot of profit the 14th November. Another offer of service that would come with much more profit and the possibility to expand was accepted on 16th November, the contract is ready to be signed. (Solar Eclipse same degree of natal Uranus, 6th house)
  • I started a spiritual work companionship with a friend on 13th November, ending a phase of working alone for several years. (Solar Eclipse in eleventh house, on  same degree like opposing 5th house Taurus Moon)
  • On 11th November a friend contacted me. We had a very nice date on 17th November. (Solar Eclipse in eleventh house, on same degree like opposing 5th house Taurus Moon)
  • A male friend had a dream about being pregnant around the 14th November. To mark a new episode in his life he quit smoking 18th November. (Solar eclipse on same degree of IC – another person than the friend who will leave the company)

The context between Eclipse and natal placement in these examples is clear and precise,  especially in reference to the very tight orb.

I am very curious about the long-term outcome of these occurrences  and will follow the track for at least the next six months, a valid period to expect further Eclipse-related events.

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