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An Idea Of Things To Come

A Relational Pattern

It seems to be human to look for a partner that fulfills a certain expectation, a behavioural pattern, triggering a special emotion, or simply let you feel loved in a special way. It is about repeating the same story over and over – until the message finally comes through. I did an astrological research about […]

A Truth Like This

Night Shift

Venus in Scorpio – Babalon and the Female Divine

Venus is moving through Scorpio from 22.11. – 16.12.2012. She adds some passion and spice into this recent North Node – Eclipse – Saturn – Scorpio – Mix. In her detriment,┬áin this cold and watery sign, she does not feel very safe and well , she prefers some ground under her feet. She is naked […]

Parallel Process

A Certain State of Mind