Venus in Scorpio – Babalon and the Female Divine

Venus is moving through Scorpio from 22.11. – 16.12.2012.

She adds some passion and spice into this recent North Node – Eclipse – Saturn – Scorpio – Mix. In her detriment, in this cold and watery sign, she does not feel very safe and well , she prefers some ground under her feet. She is naked here (not that she does not like it to be naked, basically), and her feelings are so intense that she sometimes tries to be the one who is in control. She is tender and passionate, she values deep feelings and needs a lot of personal trust to share true intimacy.

Venus as a Goddess has very different qualities. Her actual transit through Scorpio emphasizes her ability to offer herself totally to the other.

We find this aspect of Venus in the qualities of Babalon, whore and virgin, the paradox beauty in the pantheon of the Female Divine.

Our society has certain expectations how female sexuality should be. Very rare is the concept of being pure and being sexually in the same time, in the same body, the same heart, the same mind.

“I am a harlot for such as ravish me : and a virgin with such as know me not : for lo I am loved of many : & I am a lover to many:”

“I am the dowghter of fortitude”, Text received by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley, 1587

Babalon offers a way out. She embodies both sexual strength and pureness. She is not an abstract concept of love, she shares universal love without any discrimination. Her love is potent, she shares by giving her as a whole being to all without holding anything back, but she includes the body as human flesh, she makes no exclusion, she is embedding all and everything in her ecstasy. She renews herself by sharing.

“No fear! Death of doubt, and gone is the agony of malevolent
Beloved! Beloved!
The time for sadness is no more.
The aeons of isolation give way to joyous times.
Join with me beloved, the ice has melted.” 

(Mother Destruction, from “Cenaz“)

She is true to her heart.

How can this force to be sustained, to be consolidated in a human body? Is it not simply a bit too much?

What about our hearts, what about our ability to love? What do we hold back? Do we share our love without keeping something back, just to be on the safe side?

Where do we resonate with immaculacy? Can we blend into it some wickedness, or even some lust? Can we be innocent – and passionate, the very same moment?

Where do we find the paradox of our hearts and bodies?

For I am knowledge and ignorance. I am shame and boldness. I am shameless; I am ashamed. I am strength and I am fear. I am war and peace. Give heed to me.

Nag Hammadi Library, from “Thunder, Perfect Mind

At the source the paradox transforms into joy.

Stay pure and clean.

“Thou shalt mingle thy life with the universal life. Thou shalt keep not back one drop.” (LIBER CHETH VEL VALLVM ABIEGNI )

Do the same with your love.

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