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Sun squares Saturn 30.01.2013

Just a little observation about the Aquarius Sun 11° 13´ squaring Scorpio Saturn from yesterday, 22:49 UT – it is about the solar principle, moving fast, one degree per day, hit by road-block Saturn. Bumm. This influence is still not over yet. I am working in customer service. Today was a day where I was […]

Eye Candy

These boots are made for walking – Mars opposition Uranus

Impulsiveness, anger, explosion, tension, recklessness, intensity, impatience, aggression, danger, unpredictability, independence,trouble, fight. Difficult to handle, simply too much of it all. The image of masculinity is distorted, some say that this constellation comes with experience of a weak father. Strength, power, physical experience, body intelligence, “It is me or you and never a compromise”. All […]


Banana Chick


Niépce and the Uranian-Chironic bolt: A Writing from the Sun

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce invented 1826 the process of photography as we know it: He was the first who managed to fix an image, projected by a Camera Obscura, on a surface, calling this process “Heliography”. He used a mixture of light-sensitive bitumen and lavender oil and coated a plate of pewter with it. After an […]