Neptunes Paradox

Empathy makes us human, perhaps. Empathy is the opposite of loneliness. To feel connected is the greatest social and mystic experience.

Empathy belongs to the realms of Neptune, the Lord of the deep-sea of mind and spirit.

Empathy dissolves the border between the  “me”  and the “you”. It means we are all connected as one organism, sharing thoughts, feelings and ideas in direct communication.

Describing this, I am not sure if this is a comforting idea or more a scaring concept. It means we are never alone. The illusion of separation is a nightmare, the realization we are all one, too. It means we are into something bigger then our single tiny mind and soul.

Astrologically speaking, Neptune rules everything that connects us to the endless ocean of the soul, may it be drugs or alcohol or religion or mysticism. As ruler of Pisces he connects all signs of the zodiac into one.

Neptune does no care about borders. This is his gift and his poison.

Born with Sun and Neptune in Sagittarius in 12th house, I have to face myself with working hand in hand with this energies, not against it. Otherwise it will harm me seriously, by losing my confidence, by losing my inner truth, by losing my trust into the world and in myself.

As I were very young, fifteen perhaps, I experienced very often the emotions of others as my own. I could not separate this between “me” and “you”. Not very much later I started to work with spiritual techniques, provoking this way an even stronger flow empathic input. It was so much I had to close down myself for years, denying my inner truth and taking the emotions of others as my own.

It took me  many years to get a grip on this.

I started asking close friends about my perceptions, like “I got an image that you felt awful a moment around this time: what happened for you?”.

I learnt that I can not always rely on the exact time I get the image. Sometimes it is not an image, but a feeling with a spacious dimension and a special physical reaction. It has a spatial depth and a very special quality that separates it from my own emotions. It is clearly external when my perception gets this very quality. And I learnt I can rely on it – even that trouble only comes from NOT listening to this inner voice.

The concept of communication between one person´s  unconsciousness to the unconsciousness of another person is called “countertransference” by psychoanalysts. The idea of transference and countertransference has its origin in the work and writings of Sigmund Freud. While the client projects his patterns of emotions and reactions from childhood toward the psychoanalyst as a part of therapy process (which is called “transference”), the psychoanalyst perceives emotions and patterns of the client in himself (this is called countertransference).

Assessed as nuisance to both the analyst and the healing process of the client in Sigmund Freud´s days (only the process of transference was utilized as therapeutic tool), countertransference is in our days an important part of diagnosis and therapy. It demands the ability to appreciate ALL feelings, emotions and perceptions in the therapist toward the client as a valid mirror of the inner self of the client. This implies  the analyst to observe emotions and reactions in all their subtleties, separating between his personal emotional history and the history of the client, supported by supervision in a professional context.

As I grasped this idea, I was stunned. I was not mad! What I perceive is a valid tool! I just have to find the difference between the “me” and the “you” and I can work with it!

This moment changed something.

I started to take my images and presences totally and consequently for true.

My communication with others smoothed out.

I relaxed in myself much more.

The universe got much more friendly to me.

I am growing into the oneness without losing myself.

I call that “Neptunes´ paradox”.

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