These boots are made for walking – Mars opposition Uranus

Impulsiveness, anger, explosion, tension, recklessness, intensity, impatience, aggression, danger, unpredictability, independence,trouble, fight. Difficult to handle, simply too much of it all.
The image of masculinity is distorted, some say that this constellation comes with experience of a weak father. Strength, power, physical experience, body intelligence, “It is me or you and never a compromise”.

All these are attributes I found for Mars opposition Uranus.

With an Aries Mars conjunct IC and an Libra Uranus conjunct MC as the most precise aspect in my chart it is the main source of my power and my failures.

As a child it meant “No means no and you can try what you want, I am not corruptible, no matter what amount of chocolate or whatever you offer me for exchange. I´ll have my way. Period.”

The energy of a brutal force like a Mars Uranus Opposition can be scary, for yourself or the people close to you. It comes up from one second to the other, instantly, totally, full power. The focus on the IC/MC axis (in my case) is increasing the weakness and the potential of this constellation. Paradoxically I need at home space, peace and quietness, but it is true that I do not like too much interference, and that  is something that is not to be debated. This Mars on IC is a fighter who protects his walls around his sources of power. The Uranus on MC is a bit quirky and eccentric – the impulses arise around issues of expression, art, individuality, creativity. So this opposition is “happy” when it can work led by spontaneous impulses in a free zone and be at home in a safe and cosy space – and less opposition-related conflicts occur.

Basically it is a constellation of power. This power needs to be expressed. Suppression and detachment do not work, efficacy is important. In my case helps physical activity to get rid of too much tension. Walking for hours relaxes me and charges my inner accumulator.

I am looking for leather boots. Boots made from leather, no plastic, with profile, made for walking long distance.

Boots – just made for walking.

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