Sun squares Saturn 30.01.2013

Just a little observation about the Aquarius Sun 11° 13´ squaring Scorpio Saturn from yesterday, 22:49 UT – it is about the solar principle, moving fast, one degree per day, hit by road-block Saturn. Bumm. This influence is still not over yet. I am working in customer service. Today was a day where I was taking the Saturn part in conversation.  I have had at least three talks and listened to one of the same style my co-worker had, about customer care, where the dialogue went like this:

(Customer enters the shop in hurry)

C: I have this device, it is not working, I need you to fix it, and I have this other issue, and my customer number is this, and I want to ask you about the new offer!

Me: Ok, we can solve this. First I need your account number.

C: (repeats whole text)

Me: Yes, I need your account number. (Starting to explain the first topic the customer wants information about)

C: But… (asks for the last topic, interrupting me, motorically agitated, starting over again)

Me: Yes, but we should solve first point one, then solve the rest.

C: (starting all over again)

Me: (solving the situation step by step, systematically bringing the talk back into track)

Finally we find a solution. The more resistant the customer is, the more time needs the solution.

I think this is a perfect analogy for this transit!

(Resistance is NOT the key…)

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