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Maybe Soon

Pisces Party

Today we have already five bodies in Pisces: Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Mars and Chiron. But even more  Pisces energy is building up. Venus and Moon will follow, Mercury is retrograde in Pisces from 23.02. – 17.03.13, and we will have on 11.03. 2013 a New Moon in 21° Pisces, shortly after the Saturn sextile Pluto […]

Up and Away

Personal Revolution – Uranus opposing natal Pluto in Libra

Uranus transiting the natal Pluto means upheaval, sudden changes, a fresh start. It means to air out stale spaces.It means breaking free of obsessions and structures we no longer need. The both revolutionary forces Uranus and Pluto, their intensive square June 2012 – March 2015, fighting between structure and impulse, are currently changing our world, […]


Something Like Fear