Personal Revolution – Uranus opposing natal Pluto in Libra

Uranus transiting the natal Pluto means upheaval, sudden changes, a fresh start. It means to air out stale spaces.It means breaking free of obsessions and structures we no longer need. The both revolutionary forces Uranus and Pluto, their intensive square June 2012 – March 2015, fighting between structure and impulse, are currently changing our world, our systems, our beliefs. We all have to adjust to these energies and the changes they bring in our personal lives. It is time for transformation. Now.

Uranus transiting a natal Pluto means a similar sudden personal change like the more universal change in the mundane.

Uranus opposes my 9th house Libra Pluto the third time on 21.02.2013 – it was time in my personal life for a revolution since he passed it the first time 30.04.2012, while the first Uranus square Pluto was closing for the exact alignment 24.06.2012. I decided 04.05.2012 to leave a relationship that was originally meant to last. It was very painful, but necessary.
Close to the second retrograde pass 20.09.2012 I started to set up this blog, I wanted to share some thoughts with the world. Now, close to the third pass, my life has changed in many important ways.

A 9th house Libra Pluto likes to explore the truth. He likes to transform by knowledge and research. He is looking for depth in the intellectual fields, he likes exchange, he loves travelling – by mind or body. He demands the absolute truth. He communicates from the deep ocean of the soul. (The Libra influence adds a need to make these experiences by sharing deep stuff with close ones, by relating in direct contact.) In contact with an opposing Uranus he has to ask himself : Am I true to myself? Sudden insights and changes bring a chance to look closer – and deeper. Uranus rips away everything that blocks the way.

The refreshing Uranus influence brings back experiences and emotions from my youth. I feel more as a whole being. I am changed – and I change. I like to explore. I like to travel. I like to dig into humid earth and smell her strong mineral smell.

The last years I was living in very rigid structures. Now these structures are opening up. Nothing is like before. One year ago I was living a different life, I was a different person. I suffered. And I grew.

I started with education to a completely new professional direction. I was always interested to dig into this, perhaps, true vocation, and I love it. I allow myself to collect all this knowledge I was always interested in and feel very privileged to be able to do it. It feels like lifting a buried treasure. Writing about astrology and sharing images in this blog feels liberating,too.

I dream new art pieces (this transiting Uranus trines my 12th Neptune, bringing strange dreams and insights…), in totally different techniques and styles  I have worked with before.

I even fell in love.

I will explore, I will travel, I will love to the best of my ability.

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