Pisces Party

Today we have already five bodies in Pisces: Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Mars and Chiron. But even more  Pisces energy is building up. Venus and Moon will follow, Mercury is retrograde in Pisces from 23.02. – 17.03.13, and we will have on 11.03. 2013 a New Moon in 21° Pisces, shortly after the Saturn sextile Pluto 11°15  Scorpio / Capricorn on 08.03.2013. There are a few exciting conjunctions:

  • Sun is conjunct Neptune 2°49  Pisces 21.02.
  • The retrograde Mercury conjuncts Mars 19°9 Pisces.26.02.
  • Sun conjuncts Chiron 9° 21 Pisces 27.02.
  • Venus conjuncts Neptune 3°6 Pisces 28.02.
  • Sun conjuncts retrograde Mercury 14°6 Pisces 04.03.
  • Venus conjuncts Chiron 9°45 Pisces 05.03.
  • Venus conjuncts Mercury, both sextile Pluto and trine Saturn 11°14 07.03.

To me it feels like the ice under my feet is creaking. I am losing my focus, I am dreamy, sleepy. I want space and time for art and creativity. I am easily bored. I am touchy. My waters are frozen, spring will come, the light is already there. My fire is hidden in an emotional swamp. I have to surrender to the eternal waters and just let go. I am deeply touched, connected, I perceive lots of emotions, I am vulnerable and open to the world.

The best way to deal with this Pisces Party will be for me to grow into a more poetic and artistic existence and allow more permeability and fluidity in my life.

The challenge will be to remember healthy boundaries, like it is always important when dealing with Neptune energies. But I guess the Saturn sextile Pluto will help a lot in these matters, perhaps it is even the key to a deep and profound major change that heals old wounds and patterns. The retrograde Saturn emphasizes the need to re-cover the ground of Scorpio depth and intimacy, collecting everything we may have lost on our way through the dark, collecting hidden treasures and buried memories.

This Pisces Party starts to dissolve with Mars entering Aries 12.03.2013. Slowly the other personal planets will follow, so we can get ready for spring, for beginning, for fiery impulse.

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