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A Superior Conjunction

“… for I am shadowed with the circle of the sonne : and covered with the morning clouds …” (from: I am the dowghter of fortitude, Text received by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley, 1587) Today is Sun conjunct Venus in 08┬░28┬┤Aries in a Superior Conjunction at 16:28 UT. The Sun is in a […]

A Tooth, a Muscle, a Nerve, a Pain

Since 20.03. the Sun wanders through Aries. This very day I passed the (written) first part of my exam. (Hooray!) Later the day my left lower jaw began to hurt. I thought: OK, it is the stress, a light inflammation of your gums, treat it, and everything will be fine in a few days. (Mars […]

Far Enough

Drawing 01

A Black Moon today.

This is the chart for the Pisces Black Moon today, 19:52 UT. It is the gap between the “Everything” (Pisces) and the “Impulse” (Aries). The Pisces influence is as strong as it will ever get, very soon the stellium will dissolve into Aries force. In the chart we find only Uranus square Pluto and Black […]


So True