Sorting out and bringing into life – Pisces Stellium Side Effect

While this energetic Pisces Stellium is flooding my life, I find some side effects I have not expected.

It is a time of high tension, as a double Sagittarius this Stellium is challenging me by these intuitive floods, which are taking place in my second house. This is not a big surprise.
But is is a surprise how much I get done these days, even if my focus goes into the void from time to time. I am working on things I have delayed for months and get them finished. It looks like this Stellium is a force of manifestation for me. I am bringing back inspiration and art into my daily life, finishing “old” pieces and starting new ones. I am collecting information for a change in my diet, to heal a chronic disease I am suffering from, taking more responsibility for my health. I am adding an extra hour of Power Pilates per week.  I am learning, training, preparing for the first part of exam in March.

It is all about grounding of ideas and concepts, to bring them into life, to feel them physically. It releases old patterns and old pain.

There is energy, inspiration, even wonder.

It is result. It is new and fresh. It is a lot of work.

Results as step stones, breaking a path into spring.


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