A Black Moon today.

This is the chart for the Pisces Black Moon today, 19:52 UT.


It is the gap between the “Everything” (Pisces) and the “Impulse” (Aries). The Pisces influence is as strong as it will ever get, very soon the stellium will dissolve into Aries force.

In the chart we find only Uranus square Pluto and Black Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) square Lilith as tense aspects, but both alignments are very strong and without true tenderness. The others are harmonic, for example Mars is sextiling Juno, both are getting ready to change their signs, full of hope and passion. The trine from Saturn and North Node in Scorpio is soothing the troubled waters. The Jupiter sextile Uranus brings hope and inspiration.

Go into a meditation this evening, visit the watery realms of your soul. Let everything dissolve that restrains you from healing, from being whole, inspired, connected. (Perhaps take a bath,  add salt, get clean.)

What have you learned in the time of this Stellium?

What will be your personal spring, your refreshment, your dream coming into life?

And then let it go.

Take your dream.

And bring him into life.

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