A Tooth, a Muscle, a Nerve, a Pain

Since 20.03. the Sun wanders through Aries.

This very day I passed the (written) first part of my exam. (Hooray!)

Later the day my left lower jaw began to hurt. I thought: OK, it is the stress, a light inflammation of your gums, treat it, and everything will be fine in a few days. (Mars was opposing natal Pluto by transit, additional Moon passed my Saturn in Cancer by conjunction, squaring this very Mars)

One day passed. The pain stayed with me and grew a bit.

The next day we had this special Uranus Mars conjunction in Aries. The pain grew slowly into a nuisance. I thought: OK, next Monday you have an appointment with your dentist anyway, just take care for your gums. The pain grew slowly into a serious distraction over the weekend. The night before my appointment I had to take a lot of Ibuprofen.

My dentist said: No problems with your gums, we take a x-ray. Hm,  your gigantic wisdom tooth could be on the move. Check that tomorrow with this very nice oral surgeon. And you´ll get real effective painkiller from me. (The pain felt like someone would stick a hot knife into my jaw and turn it slowly. A burning, sudden, flash-like pain.)

The painkiller worked nicely. I went to the oral surgeon today. She said that it is unlikely that the origin of my pain is the wisdom tooth, there is no inflammation, but the jaw muscles are very tense, do you have a lot of stress lately? (Äh, yes…) We can remove the wisdom tooth today, but I can not guarantee this surgery solves your problem.  We agreed on a test with painkiller and muscle relaxant for a few days. (I do not think it is a good idea for a complicated surgery while Mars is squaring Pluto…)

Tomorrow is a potent Full Moon (the Moon is conjunct my Pluto, Sun and Venus are opposing it), the current Mars/Venus – Pluto square is now almost perfect, triggering the mundane Uranus Pluto square. Uranus is leaving his opposition with my natal Libra Pluto, Mars passed it a few days ago. All these Aries wanderers except Uranus were squaring my Saturn in Cancer lately.

I make a guess: As soon this Mars – Sun – Venus – Uranus  conjunction is dissolving, latest in the first week of April, the pain will ease.

Uranus associates with nerves, his current conjunction with Mars and Sun in my third house means tension, at least mental tension. (The lower part of the trigeminal nerve is the anatomical structure that hurts, judging by my research today.) Aries is the head, the third house  (Gemini) is the nervous system, the square to Saturn inflicts teeth and bone. (My sixth house is Gemini – a double emphasis on the nervous system…)

Time to slow down, to relax, to take this pain as a warning sign.

This too shall pass.

Addition 08.04.2013: An inflammated parotid gland caused all this pain. After one week off from work and lots of  potent medication it is more or less ok.


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