A Superior Conjunction

“… for I am shadowed with the circle of the sonne : and covered with the morning clouds …” (from: I am the dowghter of fortitude, Text received by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley, 1587)

Today is Sun conjunct Venus in 08°28´Aries in a Superior Conjunction at 16:28 UT. The Sun is in a straight line between the Earth and Venus, so Venus is hidden behind the Sun while she moves through the conjunction. Sun-Venus conjunctions come in pairs. This one mirrors the Inferior Conjunction between Sun and retrograde Venus from 05./06.06.2012 (01:29 UT) 15°44´in Gemini, when Venus moved as a tiny black dot against the surface of the Sun. (Here you find a beautiful description of the Venus cycle including graphics.)

When Sun and Venus meet, it is about the matters of the heart. Two different aspects of love, the solar concept of the heart (Apoll, Ra, Sunna, Lugh, both male and female deities) and the venusian concept of beauty, desire, war and fertility (Venus, Ishtar, Babalon…), meet here. This one is love in action, even more in the sign of Aries. This love wants. It takes. It desires. Uranus lights this conjunction up, he is the third in this alignment at 8°27´Aries, bringing freshness, but some more “I don´t care”, too.  This is a love in revolutional circumstances. Pluto squares it with an orb around 3°. It is about the individual, the impulse, shadowed and focused by the dry and merciless Pluto in Capricorn.

This kind of love takes your breath, it is not for the weak. It is a blunt force.

(Remember: it is absolutely fine in terms of love to just let go or simply share your insights instead of taking in and forcing into life!)

Just stay with your heart.

Be true.

And remember: be kind.

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