A Mars Return And A Mars Sun Conjunction

This is about fire, about sun, about warmth. A glowing heat, filling your heart and your blood, a pounding heart.

A new Mars cycle begins 18.04.2013 with a Mars Sun conjunction at 0:20 UT in 28° Aries. Mars will turn retrograde 01.03.2014 at 27° Libra and goes direct 20.05.2014 at 9° Libra. This Mars cycle will complete 14.06.2015 at 23° Gemini, the time and place of the next conjunction.

It is a time to look for the true passion of the heart. To glow, to create, to go forward, to be passionate about the things that really matter, to embrace, to shape, to fight, to be alert, to be the hero of your own story, your own life.

This conjunction falls very close to my Mars return at 16.04. in 26° Aries which is conjunct IC at 24° Aries.

So this is a time to grow roots, to assure myself where the power manifests for me.

I started to research about paint in the color scheme of Le Corbusier. There are a few special companies who produce wall paint and lacquer made of pigments that allow the color a haptic and deep quality. It is difficult to get them, just a few shops have it on stock. Hopefully I will visit next weekend a shop that have it. I inherited a kitchen cupboard from my great-grandmother that I painted in an earthy turquoise. I love this color: it is the “real” non-synthetic Nicoisa Green that gives me a special feeling – it is something between a wood and a green ocean. Now I like to refurbish this cupboard – and I wish I could find a high quality paint that comes as close as possible to the character of this pigment or – at least – a paint that has the desired quality and texture. I will buy new door and drawer knobs, too, to make this cupboard a precious piece of furniture, if not in material worth, then in emotional and perhaps even spiritual sense.

It connects me to my ancestor, to my roots.

A connection the deep roots I find in gardening, too. I do not have a garden. I am a trained gardener. Last Sunday I helped with a maintenance tree-cut in a small backyard. It is a gigantic Japanese Cherry. It takes away some sun, so the goal was to cut it in a way that keeps the habitus but allows some more light into the backyard. We took away loads of very long and thick branches. Now there is air and space, the tree looks harmonious and slender, the acorns have more space. I worked driven by the power of routine, effective, to save energy and time, it was a perfect flow.

Later in the evening the blackbirds came and made lots of noise, two bats speeded through the dusky sky.

It was a perfect moment.

The light crescent of the Moon, above Jupiter, a moment where you could feel the earth turning and moving through endless space.

This moment felt like home.

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