Ambivalence – Saturn squares Jupiter

Expansion versus contraction – Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts. Both deal totally different with concepts of space and time. Structure that is gas-like, structure that is solid. Both deal different with system boundaries. Jupiter increases entropy, Saturn solidifies and contours incidents and spatial events. Jupiter goes for “more”, Saturn scales down.

No wonder a transit or natal alignment where both interact is an ambivalent experience. It depends of the personal value system to experience this as fruitful or challenging. It is, maybe, even both.

Somehow I perceive my current transit from Saturn, which is travelling through my tenth house, to my natal Jupiter in Aquarius in the second house as very constructive.

I have lots of opportunities to adapt my material, career-related and even spiritual values to a changed reality. I was a bit scared that I could suffer a cut in my income. This did not happen so far – it is the other way round. unexpected money comes round. I can afford now a few extra purchases, like the very expensive special paint for my great-grandmothers cupboard I want to refurbish.  And on the other hand my tight schedule is loosening up a bit. Career-related patterns are changing, in a good way. There will be more time and space for producing new art pieces soon, there are some photo jobs soon that were delayed, there is – after a  long period of tight and tiring structures – some permeability in my life that is new and fresh.

It is, nevertheless, a very busy life.

It is a life where I have to weigh my decisions very carefully.

My resources are limited.

My energy and my time are exhaustible.

I have to postpone activities that “only” bring fun to meet the real important goals.

But: I have everything I really need and more than that.

There is a “Yes”.

And a “No”.

But which is what?

What is of real value?

Which decision is worth my energy, my heart?

Taking care.

Taking time.

Embracing ambivalence.

Tension brings change.

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