Monthly Archives: May 2013

Your Smile – Jupiter transiting DC

Suddenly the social atmosphere around me is changing. People are relaxed. Today at least three unknown people just passed me and smiled at me, for no clear reason. I did nothing special, was waiting for the bus, sitting at work. Their smile met me as a human being. I feel seen and appreciated by these […]

All Mystery And Vision – A Sagittarius Gemini Lunar Eclipse

It is about seeking and visions, this Eclipse, at 4°08 Sagittarius / Gemini, at 25.05.2013 between 3:53 and 4:26 UTC. It is about communicating with your deep inner voice. This small voice, sometimes unheard, sometimes ignored, the only voice, the only thing that leads through the darkness of your soul. Where do you seek for […]




A Taurus stellium – Structure of things

Earth, ground, gravity. What creates the structure and solidness of things? Matter is the volume and mass of things. We, as being soul material in human flesh, make our experiences on earth-bound by physical perception, in a body, by gravity, by our senses. Our world gets real by perceiving it, by the representation our brain […]