A Healthy Time – Jupiter transits through 6th house

Jupiter transits for the last days through my sixth house – 14.05.2013 he will be conjunct my DC, and a completely new period of expansion will begin.

Since July 2012, when Jupiter began his transit through my sixth house,  I lived through a time where I increased the focus on body and health related topics.

New was that I found exercising enjoyable, which I never experienced before in my life. Beginning with Power Pilates / Pilates Standard (the classical approach) in January 2012 my physical strength grows, I am up to two hours per week, and the beginners level  does not satisfy me anymore. My back pain disappeared, and I  developed a lot of beautiful muscles.The more strength I gain, the bigger is my need for exercise. Perhaps my Aries Mars finally comes through. Somebody told me I could have become a competitive athlete with my athletic physiognomy. I can hardly believe this, I always experienced me as clumsy, weak and with a bad physical coordination. So my whole perception of my body and its abilities changes in a profound way.

By a change of diet (no more milk products, not because of lactose intolerance, but because of milk proteins) a chronic disease starts to heal out. It takes time, of course, but it seems to work. Sadly enough I can not eat milk chocolate and, even worser, ice cream. So I have to think a lot about food these days and change old dear habits.

Regarding work there were no spectacular events in this transit period. Everything stayed basically the same, it was even boring from time to time.

The change towards the Jupiter transit to my DC seems to bring the loss of health-related luck: I broke my foot and have to face a slowed-down period. I feel blocked, restless and nervous, I have to reduce my speed, but with regard to modern medicine I do not have to stay at home, at least this is an advantage. This perception could be a mirror of both the busy and nervous Mercury quality of a sixth house in Gemini and the current Taurus stellium that cares a lot about the body, but in a slower pace than a Gemini likes. (But it is clearly a change of daily routine I have to keep upright for weeks I do not appreciate, for which reason ever.)

As soon I have adapted to this different speed, I look forward to a period of expansion in relations to other while Jupiter moves through my seventh house.

Hopefully I know more about the needs of my body that I kan keep up my healthy routine and can even grow into more and stronger practice…

Jupiter expanded my horizon.

I feel much more at home in my body than before.

And I realize that a Gemini sixth house need to research and communicate about health matters.

The body needs mental attention beyond the right nutrition, the right environment, the right exercise.

To install a different routine is a cognitive process.

To bring a cognitive process into life, to change a habit by decision, this is freedom.

A freedom to heal.




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