A Taurus stellium – Structure of things

Earth, ground, gravity. What creates the structure and solidness of things? Matter is the volume and mass of things. We, as being soul material in human flesh, make our experiences on earth-bound by physical perception, in a body, by gravity, by our senses. Our world gets real by perceiving it, by the representation our brain creates of the input it gets through our senses. Our perception could be real, it could be an illusion, but it is all we get to make and educated guess about time, space and everything around us, beyond ourselves.

We have a Taurus stellium these days, on 9./10.5. there will be a Solar eclipse  in 19° Taurus, between UTC 21:25 and 3:35. Beyond Sun and Moon we have Mercury, Venus, Mars, South Node and even the Asteroid Pallas in Taurus. The matters of the material world are flashing up in our consciousness. This stellium is about the needs of the body, about property, about sensuality, about  growing  and flowering. Spring is finally here. The Sun shines warm, almost hot, the sky is blue, the birds get crazy about brood business.

What kind of material structure makes us feeling like we are home, in ourselves, in the world? What kind of possession do we never like to let go? What do we really need to feel grounded? This eclipse gives us an opportunity to value our traditions – and to let go structures we no longer need. Perhaps we have to re-plant ourselves in a ground that nourish us better. Perhaps our roots are damaged. The South Node in Taurus focuses on old guilt, old debts we can pay now and let them go forever. Perhaps this guilt is just only in our minds and forces us to behave in a way that is simply not right anymore. We can let it go, fertilize our perfect place, grow and flourish and cultivate delicious fruit that nurture us and our beloved ones.

This eclipse exactly takes place on my Moon in fifth house. I am very curious how it will play out. It looks like I will work a bit more with plants, there are a few exiting art piecesI like to continue with, there is a new love in my life.

Perhaps there will be new friends, new context.

Perhaps I find new ways to express my deepest feelings, my deepest needs.

Perhaps my needs even change.

Perhaps I find out what I really need.

Perhaps I just learn to read the signs in a new way.

Perhaps I create a language of my body, a new structure in my art, a cultivation of matters of the heart.

I love it, I look forward so much, this coming summer will be a bloom of creativity, of new ways, of new experiences.

A bloom of the new, grounded in reality.

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