All Mystery And Vision – A Sagittarius Gemini Lunar Eclipse

It is about seeking and visions, this Eclipse, at 4°08 Sagittarius / Gemini, at 25.05.2013 between 3:53 and 4:26 UTC.

It is about communicating with your deep inner voice. This small voice, sometimes unheard, sometimes ignored, the only voice, the only thing that leads through the darkness of your soul.

Where do you seek for your vision? How do you realize your vision is true? Do you see it with your inner sight – in pastel or vivid colors? Do you feel it vibrating in your body? Is it a voice – male, female, loud, low, behind you, in front of you, whispering in your ear, or even from far away?

Be careful about this Eclipse interfering in a square to Neptune, it helps that Neptune is trine to Saturn – this is more about bringing dreams into reality. The interference is more between you and your true inner voice. Be careful and listen. The precise conjunction between Venus and Mercury in Gemini is strengthening the communication aspect of this Eclipse. It is easy to be precise and kind in your words. Be kind to yourself, be honest, do not take an assumption as given truth, and you go through easy and smooth.

This Eclipse is conjunct (2° orb) my Neptune in 12th house. I have a hard time focusing on my upcoming exam. I would love to produce some art or just have holiday and enjoy some lazy time, good food and drinks and sleep a lot. So tired all the time… Processing information, reading, learning, structuring. It feels like a never ending stream of information passing my thoughts.  Last night I woke up too early, still processing and bringing information into context.  I know that phenomenon, it will continue till the exam is over. Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are sitting on my DC, all are busy but kind and communicative around me…

To relax and think about something different I started to read parallel with “Enochian Vision Magick: An Introduction and Practical Guide to the Magick of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley” by Lon Milo DuQuette. In all these years I was working with spiritual “stuff” I felt attracted by Enochian, but I never dared to work with it. I made a very few experiences with Enochian practice while working with others and found it weird, a bit scary, incredibly effective and most of it poetic. I like the “smell” and the depths of the inner images the Enochian invokes. I do not have any idea how deep I will dive into this practice, but I will allow myself to be inspired. Something, or perhaps somebody, is calling.

I have to find out about this special inner voice.

And listen carefully.




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