Your Smile – Jupiter transiting DC

Suddenly the social atmosphere around me is changing. People are relaxed. Today at least three unknown people just passed me and smiled at me, for no clear reason. I did nothing special, was waiting for the bus, sitting at work. Their smile met me as a human being. I feel seen and appreciated by these small social gestures. This Jupiter transit connects me with the other. It is an atmosphere of benevolence.

What happened twelve years ago when Jupiter was transiting my DC the last time? So far I remember it was  around the time where my former life partner  moved  into my city. At first we did not share a flat. It was a funny and relaxed year. A bit later that year Jupiter passed a conjunction with my Saturn, which natally squares Pluto. We had to make decisions in our partnership how to continue.

The year after he and me found a flat to live together, it were the days where we had to cancel our former tenancy agreements. This was around the time Jupiter moved into the 8th house, went into an conjunction with my natal vertex and into a sextile with my natal Pluto. It was an exiting and exhausting time. We had to negotiate lots of agreements in order to share money and space. I took myself back in a few negotiations, because I was scared to be too harsh. I preferred to act social and kind. Many years later I regretted one or two of these decisions, I should have been standing up for my needs and been more true to my gut feelings in a very early stage. Things would have been going more smoothly in a few important points.

The DC is the intersection between the self and the other. While a planet transits the seventh house, this planetary principle appears in the social construction of interaction, negotiation and communication with the world.

With Jupiter as the principle of expansion and support it is about bringing social structures into working mode. Things that do not go smoothly can be balanced with the aim to find solutions that work for all persons concerned.

It should be easy, at least more easy than usual, with Jupiter transiting the seventh house. To negotiate in a way that forms loving and constructive agreements is the foundation for the expansion into the shared intimate space of the coming eighth house transit of Jupiter.

You have to stand up for your reals needs.

There is no point in taking yourself back without reason.

Be loved, be appreciated.

Accept to be seen.

Share connection and understanding.

Find the communication style that works.

(I love to smile back.)


(Edit: I remembered that the time for the “good times” was the transit through my 7th house, sharing a flat which brought issues about money and intimacy was in the time Jupiter started to transit the 8th house.)

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