A Saturn in Cancer and the Grand Water Trine

Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio are both at 5°22, Mercury in Cancer has passed this Grand trine already, Venus will catch up tomorrow. Uranus and Pluto are still squaring each other, influencing the Grand water trine and bringing impulses for transformation.

At least it stopped raining in Europe, but there are the floods, at a few places the water scale is the highest for a few hundred years.

The atmosphere remembers me of the Pisces stellium in March. All these waters. As a double Sagittarius with an Aries Mars I like the present energetic quality more than the Gemini stellium of the last weeks. An air focus exhausts me mentally. To blow too much air into the fire brings just a bigger fire, but no rest, no peace, no grounding, no connection with emotions, with the soul.

Busy times for my retrograde Saturn in the seventh house: on 2° 28 Cancer, he gets a lot of traffic these days. Mercury  and Venus passed him already (and will complete the Grand water trine with Neptune and Saturn tomorrow), and later this summer Jupiter and Sun will pass him, too.

This retrograde seventh house Saturn in Cancer is a real roadblock, one of my major challenges. He brought me years of skin diseases, very difficult relationships and loneliness.

He quincunxes my 2nd house Aquarius Venus and 11th house Scorpio Mercury (Hey! I realised this very second about a potential Yod in my chart – it is not shown in my chart graphic because of Mercury being in “the wrong sign” and a wide orb of 3°, but 3° applying is not entirely unacceptable in all cases, I guess. The smaller orb of 2° with Venus would fit into the Yod pattern – I will use this idea as a hypothesis. It could explain why my relationships get better the more I know about communication.).

It is time to let go this Saturnian tension. To smooth a bit out. Relax. Enjoy summer.

I had a few very deep emotional experiences in the last week. It is easier to let emotions come close. It is possible to feel it in a special quality I do not have to fight against it.  I still have decide consciously to open up. But it is easier now. It has a healing aspect. No pain, no scepticism, no indignity.



Emotional value.


It feels like coming home.


Looking forward to the Grand trine with Jupiter! I´ll expect him like a blessing.

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