Wild Ride – A Uranus square Pluto Experience

Where the collective transformational process meets the personal life situation, change begins. Is the transformation we experience in our life  a subjective matter? In which degree we change because just of outer circumstances? Where is the fine line between the inner and the outer? Many of us experience major changes, induced by the Uranus square Pluto. This constellation is universal with impact on all of us, but the outcome is individually.

Having a look on my “story of change”, this Uranus square Pluto will maybe bring the biggest personal changes around 2015.

It looks like a long-term development, as Pluto is now in my first house and Uranus in my third house.

Pluto entered my first house 12/2003 – 10/2004, a time period began where I felt an urge to study abroad (my natal Pluto sits in my ninth house). I prepared by learning the languages, but did not really think I would succeed. But I did: I finished my studies abroad and came back in a life that needed to be profoundly changed 2008. I was not the person anymore who left two years ago, but it was an enormous challenge to make the necessary changes to bring the inner shift in the “real” outer world.

Uranus entered my third house 04/2008, a time where I finished my studies and had to prepare to come back.

In these five years till now my whole life turned around. My whole personality changed. (Ok, not the core, but Pluto brings you to know your true core, the little high density core deep inside that will never change and cannot be destroyed. It is surprising that this little core is not necessarily the core you thought your true inner being would consist of.)

The transiting Pluto squared my natal Pluto – this was a long and painful story in itself.

Surprisingly refreshing I find Uranus´transit through my third house: contacts are easier, my whole circle of friends has changed. These changes that felt more positive, even if a few came quite of a sudden.  So for now this personal revolution took a very healing and constructive way for me. I broke loose from personal history, from friends I had for nearly 20 years. Familiarity can mean restriction – of emotions, of development, of guilt, of promise. So Uranus brought me a revolution in my communication, too. I try to make different decisions in choosing people I want close to me. And so far it works.

Just now is Uranus sextiling my Jupiter in Aquarius in my second house. I feel relaxed, my existential fear reduced to almost a nothingness. I like to create, to bring some beauty and love, to be operative, to be authentic. I feel at ease. There are new perspectives, a new understanding of my body, a new professional direction (Yes, I passed my exam, by the way), a new love that gets deeper every day.

I  so curious  to find out how this Uranus Pluto square will play out in the long run.

Uranus will be conjunct my natal Chiron and trine my natal Sun 03/2015, he will transit my IC 04/2017. Still some time, but perhaps it is a good idea to prepare…

I am the change, so my world is changing.

There is no separation.

Inside and outside.




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