Focus – Saturn transiting the tenth house

Bündner slateSaturn tests your goals, your ability to focus and invest some hard work to make the necessary adjustments in your life path, when he transits your tenth house.

Saturn passed my MC the first time in 11/2011, I accepted the project management for a group exhibition then. It was a complex project with nearly twenty participants for the exhibition and a project team of six. We had just a short span of time to write our texts, to apply for support and so on.

We managed to realize our project with a lot of good feedback in 04/2012, when the retrograde Saturn passed my MC the second time. I got “visible” by holding the speech for the opening. It was surprisingly a lot of fun to write so much, I discovered a new talent I never guessed I have. It was, all in all, an exhausting period that consumed all my spare time for around six months. I had to stand up to my way of coordinating such a project and learnt a lot about the potential pitfalls, partly by falling into it… But the experience brought me into practice on a new level. It was the classical “to advance in a professional qualification” connected to a Saturn transit to MC, the highest point, the goal, in your natal chart. I adapted my private life, too, by ending a relationship in these days, and additionally I had started a professional training a few weeks before. These were busy and troubled times…

As Saturn passed my MC the third time, I felt more focused on my new horizons. The inner emotional chaos settled down, the troubled waters calmed. I put lots of energy in my new professional training course, it felt good and productive. My work with art went a bit in the background. I could not do all of it in a limited time frame, I had to focus my energies and be careful with my resources.

Saturn will transit my tenth house till 12/2013. He passed my Venus and and will still square my Jupiter in the second house in this period.

I took my exam and got the permission to practice psychotherapy. Now I will start with a proper therapeutic training. My long-term change in profession is on its way. I look forward – it is fun to learn and read and collect all knowledge I get hold of. My future makes sense to me (this sounds so very saturnic…).

There will be changes in my home, my roots, my perception of my deep waters of the soul, my fourth house – these changes mirror the change in the outer world. I am not ready to change stuff literally in my flat, but I feel that my emotional home base is changing.

So to sum up this transit so far, it brought me lots of work with a very productive outcome and renewed long-term professional goals, realizing abilities and talents new to me, a new set of working tools. I think that the actual sextile from Saturn to Pluto 11/2012-11/2013  helps to undergo a major transformation.

Saturn, the teacher and practitioner.

Happy to be not afraid of all this work.

Happy to be effective.

Happy to see results.

Just grow.

Just do.


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