The path to healing – A Black Moon and a Jupiter transit

We have a Black Moon today, Sun and Moon (and Mercury one degree apart) align in 16° Cancer at 7:14 GMT. They trine Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Scorpio. Waters heal, these waters go deep, they flow and carry safely. It is a stream of healing consciousness, this Grand Trine. The Black Moon is condensing emotions, dreams, tears. Saturn is stationary direct today at 4°49 Scorpio exactly  when the Sun Moon conjunction occurs. The tide is turning. Transformation is ongoing all the time. We should have doublechecked the list of necessary developments by now.

I felt a pressure on my solar plexus the last days. I know the phenomenon. It is a condensed emotion. In earlier years I thought it was anger. But then I learnt it is an energetic block of fear, to protect the heart from potential pain. I have not had this kind of physical perception for some time. At which point I try to protect my heart? Everything was just fine! I enjoy all these celestial bodies in water signs – it helps me to perceive positive emotions I have put in the background for a long time, they are opening up and comforting this slightly paranoid and sceptic Saturn in Cancer. This guy is not exactly a openhearted fellow. He likes to be on the safe side.  And would I have listened to him sometimes better, he would have protected me from a certain amount of heartbreak.

The transiting Jupiter sits exactly on my natal Saturn now.

Ambivalence – and fear.

Which path to choose? Which long-term goals to follow?

Freedom and commitment.

A narrow path.

A horizon.

I opened a magic circle before I went to bed last night and asked the Dark Black Moon Lady for guidance in my sleep.

I put an open diary and a pencil beside my bed.

I woke up, there was no dream.

But a strong feeling of love.

This is the path.


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