All These Waters

Ah, all these waters in the sky! The Grand Water Trine between Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Mars/Jupiter in Cancer is aligning in the sky and will be perfect the 17./18.2013.

Healing, flow of emotion, drama, expansion, realisation of dreams, realization of loss, growing into shape, sharing the flow. It is blessing. It is transformation. It is a possible shift deep inside. It can feel like a bit too much of it all. It is hard to give yourself into the waters.

The ocean absorbs it all, and there is only blackness down there, the absence of light, an abyss, you just a nothingness in the endless movement of the waves. It can feel dangerous to swim out too far, to lose the safe ground under your feet. Let go, trust your inner voice and your powers.

The Grand Trine touches my second house (Neptune), my tenth (Saturn) and my seventh (Jupiter/Mars).  Jupiter and Mars are transiting my Saturn in Cancer. And my Sun/Moon midpoint is at 3°59 Pisces, so my soft spot gets touched in a beautiful and inspiring way, too. My Grand Trine experience connects to self-worth, orientation and relations to others. It fits: I am restructuring my professional goals and try to find out which values in my professional and private life shall be my beacon for the coming years. Where shall be my safe ground? What I do and decide now, has long-term consequences. My Cancer Saturn loves these times. He loves agreements and solid ground, otherwise he is not free to swim. He feels safer than the did for a very long time. It is easy to see the ground of the lake when the waters are calm and clear…

I had an exiting weekend experience that could be a personal key situation.

I went climbing for the first time.

We went to some beautiful rocks in the near countryside which are a climbers paradise. My very experienced companion whom I trust totally (this day only confirmed it…) took care for all the safety stuff, explained carefully some basics to me (the best beginners introduction I could get) – and then I went up an “easy” rock. It looked very steep and very impossible from the ground (“Just go, you will do fine”). Going up, trying to set feet and hands most reasonable, using the strength of my muscles the best possible way, having fun – and suddenly finding myself in a place where I could go no further up and hardly any step back, high above the ground. My system flooded instantly with raw panic. A flush of pure adrenaline. I was gasping and desperately clinging myself at the rock as close as possible. From my psychological education I knew that a panic impulse fades away by itself. You just have to hold out. I waited for some minutes and catched my breath. Got back my overview. And went further up. Somehow the adrenaline gave me the necessary push. And I reached the top of the rock! Totally unbelievable. To go down I had to lean back into the rope. I did. Without fear. Just excitement. Later I tried some ways to set feet and hands, barefoot, because the special shoes I borrowed hurt my toes too much to continue with them. I loved the direct contact of my feet with the rock and tried until my muscles gave up.

This was the best first experience ever.

I found out a few things. It kicks me totally, and I am a true adrenalin junkie (Yes, there is this natal Mars Aries – Uranus Libra opposition which could be a hint…). I love to find out about my limits (Today my muscles are aching, but in a good way), and excluded this single panic moment, I went up and down without fear.

The key is fear.

To go beyond.

And trust.





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