New skins – A Black Moon in Leo

After all this time of change in my life I enjoy some quiet times. I allow myself to calm down and plan only for the next days. We have had sun and heat the last weeks: this is a real summer! It is Leo time – play time, relax time. Still a lot of Cancer energy with Mercury, Mars and Jupiter – mind and will focusing on emotion, home and close ones.

I was working yesterday on a set of prints, the technique is new to me. I do it in a very large basement room, the working table is below a window in the roof. The sun makes patterns on the wall. It is a peaceful spot. Most time I am alone in the house. The Black Moon 06.08.2013 22:51 UT 14° Leo trine Uranus in Aries brought me an unexpected creative flow. I did a few experiments and will produce a lot of different varieties and have much more output than needed for the coming exhibition. A whole new body of work. I can hardly wait to continue, but I need to buy material first. I made an afternoon break in the backyard yesterday. The moment I wanted to walk to the chair in the corner, a male song thrush decided to drink in the little water basin. He took lots of time, looked at me, was very relaxed – just 2 m from me. I stood still and waited. He even bathed. The basin stands on the ground. This means a lot of trust. His wife sat on a branch and made exited noises. He – relaxed. After his bath he flew away. I felt appreciated and enjoyed my break even more by blowing lots of soap bubbles.

Leo is about creativity and appreciation, to shine, to be proud.

Thinking about that, I find I could appreciate my new achievements better. Leo is my 8th house, hidden, a taboo, a secret, a demand to transform. For example I went a few days before to my first Pilates hour in the new level, and I did surprisingly well. The trainer said: “We all knew you were totally unchallenged in the beginner classes! You absolutely can do that!” I told her it is difficult  to change my self-image into somebody who is physically skilled. It is the same with my new professional achievements – I simply have to start and trust my knowledge and my guts.

I have to grow into my new skins.

It is not about being more than I am.

It is about being the one I am.



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