Not only the first anniversary for EMERGING PATTERN – celebrating Post number 100, too!

One year ago I began to write EMERGING PATTERN.

As I started with EMERGING PATTERN, it was meant as a test: How would it feel to bring a part of my inner worlds into the light? I was thinking a lot about astrology, about inner processes, I was changing, I was suffering, I was stretching into the huge Forward. I wanted to share my inner space  with the virtual space. It is a difference to talk to yourself or to talk to the void as an entity. I wanted to embrace a space between art and astrology, a space of creation and change. I am very happy that you, dear reader, who perhaps only wanted to follow my art postings, stay with me while I do all this strange astrology stuff, and you, who wants to read about astrology, perhaps like my images, too.

So I wrote a bit, tried a bit, tried to be as strange and honest as possible.  And then, to my surprise, I got visitors, and they liked it.

I was flabbergasted. And continued to write.

I got a mirror in you, dear reader. I got responses that I should please continue to write.

I got resonance.

One year, a full circle of 100 postings.

My life changed totally in this time, you can read about it, from the despair of loss and change to new perspectives of love and beauty.  I like to continue: a journey I never expected, pathways not travelled yet.

Come along with me, dear readers, I will continue, happy to know that you, as a shadow, as a mirror are there, as a real being in the virtual void.

Happy to see you there!

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