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Another name


An ancient site. Different from the ancient sites I know from the British isles, from Cornwall, Dartmoor, Wales, Orkneys. Over there are circles, many circles, sometimes avenues and stone rows – many different atmospheres, overviews, landscapes. This site is something else. It is Parc La Mutta in Switzerland, a Bronce Age Megalithic site, 3500 years […]

Going home

Not the same

Commitment, expansion and limitation – A Full Moon in Virgo

We have had just a Full Moon on 26° Virgo / Pisces – and additionally a conjunction of Saturn, Venus and North Node on nearly 9° Scorpio, forming a sextile to Pluto 9° Capricorn. What do we care for? Which path do we follow? What to oblige to – the path of the heart or […]

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