Commitment, expansion and limitation – A Full Moon in Virgo

We have had just a Full Moon on 26° Virgo / Pisces – and additionally a conjunction of Saturn, Venus and North Node on nearly 9° Scorpio, forming a sextile to Pluto 9° Capricorn.

What do we care for? Which path do we follow? What to oblige to – the path of the heart or the path of duty? Can it be both?

The Pisces Moon disintegrates Virgos neatness. The beauty of chaos opposites the beauty of precision.

I remember the thelemitic “Love is the Law, love under will.” Love is a chosen duty, a challenge, a path. (I guess, my Saturn in 7th speaks here…) We can use the alignment of Saturn, Venus and North Node to get clearer about the imperative of our soul. Perhaps we have to dive into Scorpios depths. (It is not necessarily fun what we find there. The Full Moon brings some light – and some Virgo precision and a healthy part of Pisces chaos.) Pluto supports the journey. We can align ourselves precisely now, perhaps we stepped accidentally down our path. Saturn and Venus combined mean boundaries. Boundaries are healthy, without boundaries there is no true intimacy. We need to know who we are and what we truly need to share our deep stuff. Commitment needs the full story, Scorpio does not like half hearted stuff.

The last weekend I visited an area where I lived for years. A few days before a former boyfriend invited me to his tenth wedding anniversary, he lives there. We have had a relationship that, mildly expressed, left a lot of wounds. It was a suthat he contacted me and were ambivalent about going or not. The night before I dreamt I met him. He was very short, reached only to my hip. I said to him, it is because I wear heels. He glared at me – and then I saw his heels were higher than mine. – As I woke up, I knew I did not need to go. I outgrew him and the former wounds literally, there is no need to repeat something. It is possible to release karmic bonds. At the end of the weekend I visited the grave from another former boyfriend. This one was the first really great love. I left a flower. I look forward to meet him again. So it goes – one chapter is closed, one will be written. There are ties to be ended and destiny to be woven.

Saturn forms the third square from my tenth house to my natal second house Jupiter in Aquarius. I am restless. I feel restricted. So many plans, so many ideas, but not enough space and time. I have to deal with the rigid limitations of my all-day life. Like I experienced it the last time Saturn squared my Jupiter, my resources have a limit. I like to lead my energies into something constructive and have to restrict myself from going on adventures and travels. Duties come first. My ambivalence does not make it easy. I enjoyed a long vacation the last weeks and find my structures now, afterwards, difficult and tight. I neglected my habit of making lists and calendar entries about everything, so I made some annoying mistakes and forgot about several things, nothing really bad, but simply unnecessary. The transit is exact the 27.09.2013. I should make my peace with it and use the energy for a space clearing at home, for some alone time, for tidying up, for sorting the crystals we found, for cooking plums and apples, for focusing on my boundaries.

There will be new adventures soon enough.

Now it is time for autumn, for some rest, for early sunset.

It is time for balance, time for details.

It is time for the autumn equinox.

Slowing down,

taking care.

Clearing the path.

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