An ancient site. Different from the ancient sites I know from the British isles, from Cornwall, Dartmoor, Wales, Orkneys. Over there are circles, many circles, sometimes avenues and stone rows – many different atmospheres, overviews, landscapes.

This site is something else. It is Parc La Mutta in Switzerland, a Bronce Age Megalithic site, 3500 years old, not so far from the oldest city in Switzerland, Chur.

It is on a hill, there were a Bronce Age settlement once, and like at many other pre-Christian sites the Christians built a church on top.

It is still a settlement – the village Falera, and there is a very modern observatorium close by.

I like the continuity of this place.

The stone settings are weird. On first sight you do not find a pattern.

It feels like accidentally fallen sticks on a meadow.

It feels old.

It is an old place.

Grown history.

A condensed story.

No stone circles, just  rows.

Stone lines.

We arrived late afternoon and walked around.

Earlier this year a heavy storm felled almost all trees on the hilltop, they are still taking the fallen wood out. The hill looks devastated this way. It must have been very romantic with all this trees before, now the top is naked and exposed.

The sun was sinking, it was a beautiful day.

An orange glow covered the meadow.

A moment of beauty, the sun in the west, lighting the east.

A  pattern that will never change.



The Sun in the west.

(There is no English Wiki entry, just a German / Swiss one, but including a few visuals about the stone settings.)

Download_Map Parc La Mutta (German language)

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