Vertex – A Sun transit 8th house experience

Every year, between the middle of June and the middle of September (1) , the Sun travels through my 8th house, the house of Scorpio. My Vertex sits in my 8th house at the beginning of Leo, too – the Sun crosses it every year around the 29.07.

Every year it is a time of change for me, a period for introspective, of letting go, of sharing , of clearing out. Three major breakups happened in this period around the end of July. In a few years I went to spiritual meetings which cleared my energy channels and brought intensive experiences, exchanges and insights. I was in many years for at least the August busy with digesting my experiences from the summer, enjoying a time of introspective. Where many others enjoy August as a time for holiday, sun and fun, this month mostly tastes different for me.

This year we had the Grand Sextile the 29.07., and one day before a long-term vision came to the surface. So I had again to think a lot about my fear, about intimacy, about a lot of deep stuff. This time it is a transformation towards a new approach to life.

But it tastes different.

This time it feels like it is easy to share.

(1) Placidus is the house system I normally use. There are huge differences to the Koch system – I have a sharp look this year at transits to the house cusps in both systems to find out which system fits better for me. For example in Koch system my 8th house Sun transit would start earlier – 06.07. – and end earlier the 16.08. The core transit period would be the same, the house cusp is in the same sign, and Vertex is in the same house.  In the Sun 8th house transit case my Ceres-Sun experience would fit into a certain 9th house quality, too… It would mark the beginning of the Sun 9th house transit. To leave the loss behind and travel into the rainbow – I should have a very sharp look on the possible manifestation of the Koch system, I guess!







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