A License to ask – Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio

A retrograde Mercury again… this time in Scorpio. He entered the shadow zone on 01.10. at 2° Scorpio, will station retrograde on 21.10. at 18° Scorpio, will station direct on 10.11. at 2° Scorpio and leave his shadow on 27.11. at 18° Scorpio.

This is a retrograde I look forward to. My natal Mercury is at 29° Scorpio (yes! critical degree!) in sextile to my 0°15 Aquarius Venus. In Placidus house system he would be placed in my 11th house, by Koch system in my 12th house. I will use this time period to doublecheck data, contracts and agreements. I like the conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio on 08.10., 29.10. and 26.11. This is about structuring information, about reality checks, about corrected data, about correcting given information, to get the message clear. The Sun will be in Scorpio from 23.10. to 22.11. and emphasizes these themes. It is a time for clearing out data rubbish.

I like to ask questions. Lots of questions. Personal ones. I like to know it exactly. I want an answer. I want the secret. I love rooms and spaces that are normally hidden. I did a photo job once in a computer center underground while installation. All these empty spaces, the machinery, the secrecy.

There is a connection between my astrological work by personal interest and my new psychological profession. It is about asking the right questions. A friend, who is a clinical psychologist, said to me once: ” When you do not get a diagnosis, you have not asked enough.” Both is about patterns, dynamics, development, critical situations, change, loss and challenge.

A few days ago I interviewed a friend who does not know his birth time: we could limit the possible time window to “around noon”. I decided to do a birth time rectification the very first time. We sat down, and I started to ask him, paper and pen ready, about significant live events. We talked for some time, and I got a very long and interesting list, and knew him better, having collected all these facts and incidents. I am really curious how the rectification will work out. The retrograde Mercury could support me in this.

I think it is learning about people, their structures, their secrets, which drives me for at least a huge part.

When I ask somebody, perhaps a friend, a question, perhaps a personal one, and my interest is driven by an honest interest in the person itself, I normally get an honest answer. When I do not get an honest answer, I got an answer, too. To watch “Lie to me” taught me at least an idea how to decipher the layers of communication. Everybody lies. This is natural. The “why” is interesting to know.

To ask the right questions means to potentially understand the hidden secret.

To know about your lies means knowing your truth.

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