High Density – A Stellium and an Eclipse in Scorpio

It is getting tight around here. Thinking, processing, analysing gets some extra weight by the conjunction of Sun, Mercury RX , Saturn and North Node in Scorpio *- and is highlighted by the exact Uranus square Pluto. They are clearing the space  for the Sun eclipse 03.11. at 10° Scorpio.

Communication is more serious and possibly directed inwards – a perfect time to follow your inner monologue to learn about your true motives and your verbal representation of the world. Language is dual. Our thinking mirrors our perception of the world. The mirror is extraordinarily clear and clean now.

A word has an impact on the world like a stone thrown into water.

A spoken word can change the world.

Be respectful.

Think before you speak.

Check your mails.

Pay your bills.

Make a list.

Ask for the money somebody owes you.

Outline the contract for your vision of your future – and highlight the aspects to be negotiated again.

Get the message clear.

Find the correct word.

Speak your soul.

Speak true.

Speak kind.

* on 31.10.2013: Sun 7°, Mercury RX 11°, Saturn 11°, North Node 7° / on 01.11.2013 Uranus square Pluto 9° Aries / Capricorn







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