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A very useful tool

Normally I do not get very excited about stuff you find in the internet, at least not so excited that I want to write a post about it. But Solar System Scope is different. It is a 3D online simulation of our Solar System. It is dynamic, you can choose a heliocentric or a geocentric […]

Personal Values – A Jupiter Retrograde

The days Jupiter went retrograde and Venus entered Capricorn, around 06./07.11.2013, my focus changed. I was relaxed about money matters for most of the year. Now I started to worry. I needed to find out if I had a reason to worry or not. Venus and Jupiter are natally in my second house in Aquarius, […]

I see


New ground – Another November Moon

One year ago, at the Eclipse at 13.11.2012, a new personal cycle started for me. Things ended there, thingsĀ  started there. Now another November cycle is starting. Every year, in November, I feel under pressure, I have a kind of existential fear. I fear to lose my money, my ground, my job, my goals. It […]

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