New ground – Another November Moon

One year ago, at the Eclipse at 13.11.2012, a new personal cycle started for me. Things ended there, things  started there.

Now another November cycle is starting. Every year, in November, I feel under pressure, I have a kind of existential fear. I fear to lose my money, my ground, my job, my goals.

It is the time the Sun is transiting in opposition to my Moon, my comfort, my body. I am restless, I have to check my resources, to make sure what is solid, at least for the moment. This coming Eclipse on 17.11.2013 at 25°26 Scorpio / Taurus hits my Moon in 5th house at 21°53 Taurus, similar to last year, but not so very close.

Venus meets Pluto today at 21:33 UT at 9°46 Capricorn, she left the square to Uranus just a short time before. There is tension, there are so many questions… all these values, decisions, contracts to negotiated. This Pluto in Capricorn is about foundation, about wealth, about money. This tension makes me jump forward into deep waters, swim forward, before the huge wave will hit me by surprise. My Taurus Moon wants to prepare. He has to prepare, Saturn will oppose him by transit not far into the future.

This Full Moon will change my personal Moon, my structures, my emotional home base.

I want to focus on growth.

On a renewed safety on real ground, in a world that is changing rapidly, a safety that has its source in the depth of my being.

On love, of course! The fun and trust related to it, and the challenge, too.

On needs, recognised.

On creativity – in new channels.

On productivity.

And on the courage to stick to the chosen path.











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