Personal Values – A Jupiter Retrograde

The days Jupiter went retrograde and Venus entered Capricorn, around 06./07.11.2013, my focus changed. I was relaxed about money matters for most of the year. Now I started to worry. I needed to find out if I had a reason to worry or not.

Venus and Jupiter are natally in my second house in Aquarius, Venus is now retrograde by progression. Additionally, as a Sagittarius rising, Jupiter is my ruling planet. So the retrograde periods of both Venus and Jupiter will have some impact on me.

So I began to check all my insurances, bank accounts, monthly costs, my private pensions funds and so on. I found out that basically everything is fine. And I decided to change a few details. I want to take care of my resources even more. I am collecting extra information to make a in-depth analysis for getting the best result possible.  Additionally I got laser treatment for my chronically impaired facial skin the 07.11., when Venus in Capricorn opposed my Cancer Saturn in the 7th house. Oh yes, a Venus transit through the first house – how appropriate to change my appearance by a cosmetic intervention! I have to pay for by myself, there is no insurance for it. I like the result very much and will repeat the treatment 19.12., shortly before Venus turns retrograde.

Jupiter went retrograde 07.11.2013 at 20° Cancer, will station direct 06.03.2014 at 10° Cancer and leave his shadow 01.06.2013 at 20° Cancer.

Venus will be retrograde from 21.12.2013 at 28° Capricorn, station direct 31.01.2014 at 13° Capricorn and leave her shadow 03.03.2014 at 28°Capricorn.

(We should not forget Pluto in Capricorn: he adds a high frequency of transformation. In ancient mythology Pluto is the Giver of Wealth. Venus will meet him with 1° orb when she stations direct end of January. )

Jupiter will in his retrograde three times quincunx my Ascendent from the seventh house, Venus transits in her retrograde my first house.  So both touch the relationship / contract / appearance axis of first and seventh house and both affect my second house matters.

It will be a time to reconsider my values, my relationships, my contracts.

I will take care of my money and be rational about my resources and investments.

I will to change my appearance for the better after decades of a chronic medical condition.

I will  improve my material situation by using my resources better.

I will discover additional sources of income.

I will change the circumstances impeding me to do so.

I will need a lot of patience.

I like the ground under my feet.

Beauty will bloom and wealth will grow.

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