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A review of “The Stellium Handbook” – Donna Cunningham

You want to learn  everything about Stelliums that is worth to learn? Read Donna Cunningham’s new “A Stellium Handbook”. She is a well-known astrologer, author of 15 astrology books, countless professional articles and has more than 40 years practice in the astrological field. Her background as social worker makes her advice particularly invaluable. “The Stellium […]

The darkest time – A Sun in 12th house

There is a paradox  in the meaning of the 12th house I like very much : A planet in the 12th house is hidden behind the ascendant as the interface to the world.  For example I am born short after sunrise, that makes my Sun a 12th house Sun conjunct the Ascendent. The Sun in […]

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This time

Colchicum alpinum