The darkest time – A Sun in 12th house

There is a paradox  in the meaning of the 12th house I like very much : A planet in the 12th house is hidden behind the ascendant as the interface to the world.  For example I am born short after sunrise, that makes my Sun a 12th house Sun conjunct the Ascendent. The Sun in “real” space is sharing her light into the outer world, the Sun in the astrological natal chart is lighting the inner world.

The 12th house is about digging out a treasure, the treasure of your soul.

Between end of  November and middle of December the Sun travels trough my 12th house. She meets Neptune and Sun, then the Ascendent, and at the end of Sagittarius the North Node in the first house. Yes, my chart has a Sagittarius emphasis… and the North Node there encourages me to realize my adventurous path.

The time the Sun travels trough my 12th house is special. I take myself back, I love going inwards. I like to make my flat cosy. I am more of a “fluffy bunny” this time.  Reading, dreaming, not interested in this worldly stuff. There is a veil between me and the others. Please, no harsh realities! It is a fantasy world, a world in books and images and dreams. Sometimes topics come up I have to work with as soon I am back to this world. It is a deep dark path  I have to walk sometimes. And I do not like everything I find on this path. The treasure is hidden sometimes in a very smelly mud pile.

This time is precious to me, it has a special quality. It is a luxury to me to take this little retreat and come back into the world refreshed.

Luckily I went into arts professionally.  This helps me to express 12th house topics a healthy way. As I was much younger, I had my share of the more destructive ways a Sun and Neptune can induce in this house. But I was lucky and bid farewell to this dreamy dangers, layer for layer, almost organically as a result of growth. I am getting older, and my art gets increasingly mystic. You get an idea by visiting EMERGING PATTERN. It is a very personal and intimate site, and it helps me to air out my Neptunian 12th house Sun.The more I urge myself to be as true as possible to myself I am living up to my hidden Sun, revealing truth about myself I never had the heart to in my younger years.


Open in a closed space.

A beacon in the dark.

My precious.

My light.










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