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One Vision – A New Moon in Aquarius

After this heavy and dense January we can open the window to let in the fresh breeze of a visionary Aquarian New Moon today. It takes place at 10° Aquarius at 21:39 UT.The days are longer now – as I got up this morning the sky was not black anymore. The light is coming back. […]

So precious

Cash check – A Retrograde Venus in Capricorn

A retrograde Venus requests us to have a close look on our values. The request of having a look coming from a  retrograde Venus in Capricorn is even more inevitable. Here we talk about the “hard stuff” – do we feel like we deserve the “good stuff”? What do we value – truly? Is love […]


The Dream

A Diplomatic Challenge – Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra? Eight months??? This is a diplomatic challenge. You expect of Mars that he is straight and direct. He rules Aries, he goes forward, he takes, he is action, he is fast. He is different in Libra. He is aggressive the nice way. He says very politely what he wants. And does not […]

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