A Diplomatic Challenge – Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra? Eight months??? This is a diplomatic challenge. You expect of Mars that he is straight and direct. He rules Aries, he goes forward, he takes, he is action, he is fast. He is different in Libra. He is aggressive the nice way. He says very politely what he wants. And does not back off until he get what he wants. And you can not even be angry about that – even when you agree to something you really do not want to do.

I have an Aries Mars conjunct my IC, opposing a Libra Uranus conjunct MC, source of my energy and the constellation in my chart I am most ambivalent about. My approach is more the “Walking around the issue is for sissies” one. I try to be honest and clear. (This does not necessarily gets me what I want.) When I get really angry, you can not mistake my anger for another emotion. I want to clear it here and now. And then its over. Because I know this Mars attitude is pretty much for others around me, I try to hide it. I tell myself “Do not be so harsh and egoistic, take your energy back!” And later I find out that this approach was wrong and I made a bad decision, not about taking back the energy and trying to find a social acceptable solution, but by ignoring my healthy “No!” instinct.

Mars will stay eight months in Libra, the sign of his detriment.

Mars entered 07.12.2013 Libra, will turn retrograde 01.03.2014 on 27°21 Libra, will turn direct 20.05.2014 on 09°01 Libra and finally leave into Scorpio 26.07.2014.

I have not felt the impact of the current Uranus square Pluto so strong before Mars in Libra squared Pluto and opposed Uranus end of 2013. Mars transited my Libra Pluto, and I found myself in a situation where I felt my privacy invaded (natal Mars conjunct IC) and got really angry. I did not back off. And suddenly there was a compromise possible, not the best, but better than nothing, at least rationally. On a personal level I hated myself for this compromise, I even hated myself for every foul compromise I made over years. It was really hard to let all this red heat rage go without using it for something really destructive. I felt relieved when the personal transit faded, just to realize that the Grand Cross (Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, retrograde Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra) would stay till New Year when the Sun in Capricorn leaves the conjunction with Pluto behind. Now all this cardinal energy floating around makes relaxation impossible – good that there is a long list of initializing projects and plans, some fun, some less fun. Most is about Capricorn stuff: money, goals, taxes, education, contracts, documentation… preparations for major changes in the long run.

Mars is beyond the square with Pluto yet, thank the gods, without triggering a major diplomatic fall-out till now… But I do not look forward to the retrograde pass of Mars to Pluto on 23.04.2014 at 13° Libra / Capricorn and the direct one at 14.06.2014 on 12° Libra / Capricorn.

Funnily enough almost every person I had a long-term relationship with within a time frame of almost twenty years has a Mars in Libra, partly retrograde. So I know this kind of energy really well and should have developed strategies. But I can not neglect the insight what annoys me about this constellation: a Mars in Libra person makes you feel that you should always behave in terms of aggression and conflict the most diplomatic way, that means: their way, and let you forget that they are similar aggressive inside, they just hide it in a nice wrapping. There is a built-in trap. Of course it is nicer and more sociable to negotiate a conflict the diplomatic way, but sometimes you just have to say “no” early in the process and set a limit – without saying it with a nice smile, without “perhaps” or “maybe” or “I would appreciate”, just a simple, plain, direct “No, I do not want it this way. Period.” (You can imagine that some of my conflicts with Mars Libra people escalated in an epic way…) On the other hand I have learned in this time a lot of strategies to deal with conflicts, to communicate better and to adapt skills to deescalate arguments.

But when you ask me:

A plain “No” is sometimes the only thing to say.



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