Cash check – A Retrograde Venus in Capricorn

A retrograde Venus requests us to have a close look on our values. The request of having a look coming from a  retrograde Venus in Capricorn is even more inevitable. Here we talk about the “hard stuff” – do we feel like we deserve the “good stuff”?

What do we value – truly?

Is love similar to cash for us – a currency for self-respect, for self-worth, for self-love?

Money and love are the realm of Venus. We talk about generosity, parsimony, extravagance, poverty, sharing, collecting, owning here – what kind of quality has the wealth of our purse ( and heart) we are ready to share? Are we afraid to share? Is there enough we can share? Do we dare to make a gift? Or are we still paying off the debts?

The questions Venus asks us are very simple.

Do we have enough?

Do we have what we need?

Do we work towards the aim?

What kind of value do we want to get out in the long run?

Many people around me are worrying a lot about their money, their resources. They have to make major decisions with longterm consequences. A friend lost a job and does not find another one. Another person needs to decide about using his funds the best possible way. Another one got seriously ill, it is not clear yet if the limitations of her conditions allow her to work anymore. Another friend got a very lucrative contract that he worked hard for. A person I know has tax trouble. I am beginning a new education that will bring in money in the long run.

We all share existential fear.

We all have to make plans.

I perceive this Venus retrograde as very harsh for many. We had a Capricorn stellium end of December 2013, emphasizing the ongoing Uranus square Pluto. There is change in the air.

No more fog, no more deception, no more looking away.

In a retrograde period the “re ” is especially important.

We can reconsider our values.

We can deepen our understanding of our true needs.

We can rediscover our fears, hindering us to reach our aims.

It is cash check time.

It is re-source time.

There is so much more than you think.

If not – work with the stuff you have.


Venus Retrograde dates

20.11.2013 13° Capricorn  – Venus enters the shadow
21.12.2013  28° Capricorn – Venus stationary retrograde
31.01.2014 13° Capricorn – Venus stationary direct
04.03.2014 28° Capricorn – Venus leaves the shadow





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